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Academic programme

The course syllabus offer English language tuition at all levels from Elementary to Advanced, (No Beginners) and are designed to improve both the oral and written skills, enabling our students to understand English easily and to give them the ability to speak confidently and fluently.

I think it was one of my best holidays. The staff were friendly and the teachers too. The lessons were really funny and helpful to learn better English.

Elisi - Italian

Our teaching team is led by our Academic Director and all teachers are selected for their qualifications, expertise and ability to relate to students.

The academic programme commences on the Monday following Sunday arrival and finishes on the Friday before Saturday departure. All students take a placement test on the first day of the course to assess their knowledge of English to ensure that they are placed in the most suitable teaching group. Classes are formed mainly on the results of these tests, although classes are kept as multinational as possible.

The maximum size of any class is 13 students and this small class size enables students to enjoy full participation in the lesson and a high level of individual attention from the teacher.

Class attendance is mandatory. No absence from class is permitted, unless due to illness.

Our educational programme includes:

  • Tuition as appropriate to the chosen course – maximum class size 13 students.
  • Student-centred and communicative lessons with a special focus on the development of speaking skills.
  • Provision of homework.
  • Assistance with homework provided each evening by residential teaching staff.
  • Course books provided during stay, to be returned before departure.
  • End of course Certificate of Attendance

The teachers are great, lessons are very interesting. This College is awesome and very beautiful.

Mariusz  - Polish

Students’ progress will be reviewed weekly and those who make good progress are encouraged to move to a higher-level group so that lessons continue to be challenging.



A general overview of course content

Semi-Intensive English (18 Hours):

20 periods per week - 5 mornings - plus a weekly 1 hour lecture/talk

Intensive General English (21 Hours):

24 periods per week - 5 mornings and 2 afternoons - plus a weekly 1 hour lecture/talk

These courses will both cover the practical application of grammar rules; receptive skills: practical reading skills, real world listening practice; speaking skills: debates, presentations, role play, and discussion. The additional sessions for the intensive course will provide a different perspective, with a variety of project work and a choice of special subjects, for learners at higher levels.


English through Drama (21 Hours):

24 periods per week - 5 mornings and 2 afternoons - plus a weekly 1 hour lecture/talk

The "English through Drama" course is designed to increase confidence and competence with language through improvisation, role play, creative scenario writing, scripted plays, specific voice work and public speaking. The syllabus includes improvisation techniques, short scripted plays, completing dramatic texts (creative writing), performing monologues, creating short plays from minimal external input, pronuciation excercises/games, delivering presentations, a piece performed on the last Friday of the course to the rest of the school, warm-up excercises/games.


IELTS and Cambridge FCE Exam Preparation (23 Hours)

26 periods per week - 5 mornings and 2 afternoons - plus a weekly 1 hour lecture/talk

The exam preparation courses, will concentrate specifically on preparing students to achieve the highest score they can in all parts of these exams. There will be focus on specific parts of each particular exam, including speaking practice and the listening paper, plus timed exam practice.


The weekly lecture for all students will cover topics relating to English culture, the education system and excursion destinations.



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