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Our Oxford centre, St. Hugh's College

We are privileged to have used the facilities of one of the Oxford University Colleges - St. Hugh’s College, as our course centre for 35 years, although we have no formal connection with the University of Oxford. St. Hugh’s College was founded in 1886 by Elizabeth Wordsworth (great niece of the famous poet William Wordsworth) and is situated within easy walking distance (less than one mile) of the city centre.

Most of the St. Hugh’s College buildings are arranged round the perimeter of the College site producing some six hectare (60,000 square metres) of tranquil, partially wooded gardens; it is one of the hidden delights of Oxford.

It is a beautiful college. The teachers are very friendly and the MMOSS staff too.

Stefano - Italian

The College has a CCTV security system which is complemented by the College’s staff, who are on duty 24 hours a day and we have our own staff on duty and in residence amongst the students at a ratio of 1:12. The grounds, together with the security system and staffing levels, provide a very safe and secure environment for our students.

The Main Building (MB) includes the College Dining Hall, the Mordan Hall, and some classrooms. The Mordan Hall is a versatile room which, as a lecture theatre seats 200, and as an activities centre, seats as many excited students as wish to attend. The Teachers' Room and the majority of classrooms are in the Mary Gray Allen building (MGA). The Rachel Trickett building (RTB) is home to our common/TV room, the computer room and all our offices. Accommodation is provided in all three of these buildings plus both the Wolfson building (WB) and Kenyon building (KB). 

The food was very good and I liked the vegetable food a lot. The teachers and Social Committee staff were always friendly and funny. The rooms were practical and clean.

Juliette - German

All students are accommodated in single rooms and the residential accommodation is of a high standard and well-maintained, rooms are cleaned every day, Monday to Friday, and bathrooms seven days a week. Bed linen is changed once a week, but students will need to provide their own towels.

As with the housekeeping, the College has its own professional catering team which ensures that an appetizing and varied diet, prepared to a high standard, is served at all meals. There is a vegetarian option served at all mealtimes and it is sometimes possible to make provision for specific special diets if we are informed at the time of booking.

The sports facilities used by our students on sports afternoons are at the Oxford University Sports Centre just a few minutes from the College by private coach. The Ferry Centre Pool in Summertown, where students are able to swim if they wish, is a fifteen minute walk from the College. 

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