РіРѕСЂРѕСЃРєРѕРї совместимость женщина лев мужчина СЃРєРѕСЂРїРёРѕРЅ тут РіРѕСЂРѕСЃРєРѕРї РЅР° 2016 РіРѕРґ совместимость РїРѕ имени посмотреть РіРѕСЂРѕСЃРєРѕРї РЅР° 2016 стрелец РіРѕСЂРѕСЃРєРѕРї мужчина стрелец женщина козерог РіРѕСЂРѕСЃРєРѕРї эрогенных Р·РѕРЅ дева мужчина РіРѕСЂРѕСЃРєРѕРї РЅР° завтра водолей женщина китайский РіРѕСЂРѕСЃРєРѕРї овен крыса


Deposit payment

When you have completed your Enrolment Form, please return it to us together with a deposit of £205 (£150 + £55 Registration Fee). This deposit reserves your place on the course and is deducted from your course fees, which will be shown on the invoice we send with your full courses confirmation.

Payment of fees

The balance of the full course fees must be paid eight weeks prior to the commencement of the course.

Failure to pay on time may result in the loss of a place on the course and loss of deposit.

All payments should be made by Bank Transfer and PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL BANK CHARGES must be paid by you; if not it may mean that there is a balance to pay when you arrive. Bank details are included with the application form.

We reserve the right to refuse admittance to our courses to any student whose fees have not been paid in full.

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